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how was our film possible?



" the survival is more important than the sacrifice "


Was made because of the support from the Film 5 AFCOOP Program. Without the support and its sponsorship this short film would have been impossible to achieve. 

There are so many amazing people like our mentor Iain Macleod, the programs coordinator. All the instructors and workshops attended were vital to the film production. The knowledge, the networks and the professionalism that this program produced was truly inspirational. From the start and the end of the process it was smooth sailing. The pandemic and the lockdowns were frustrating but we persevered and absolutely everything worked out in the end. The universe has never failed me yet! There are lessons to be learned in every endeavor and here the lesson for me is that it takes a team of professionals to curate such a film. You must let go of your fears or manage it and trust that in the end you did your best. Nothing is sweeter than when your hardwork, patience payed off and to see the story you wrote came to life in a film. Pinch me because this feels like I am still dreaming! Like I said before we are truly grateful for every single human that made this dream come true for us. ~#pinayinhalifax

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